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Life is short. We already spend far too much of it at work, so why not do something you enjoy? is coming to Budapest as the first international expansion of We are looking to build a team of incredible people with an inherent appetite to disrupt. We are the market leader in Czech Republic, and it is our desire to take Hungary by a similar storm. The retail landscape is changing, people live and shop very differently today than they used to, and it will change again tomorrow. If you want to be part of that journey, then we would love to have you on board.
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We need a no-nonsense Supply Chain Specialist. Our customers hate it when their favourite pasta sauce isn’t available, and your job is to make sure that our products make it all the way from our suppliers to our central warehouse, on time and according to agreed conditions.

"*"Being a Kifli PIRATE is a mindset. You won’t be sword-fighting, wearing an eye patch or sailing a ship, but you will be the sort of person who always wanted a pirate adventure, and hated the idea of joining the navy. And the navy? Our slow and fussy competitors in grocery online shopping with tied processes, administration a bureaucracy which kill creativity, speed and freedom.

We like people who

  • Will always want to do what’s right for our customers, they are the boss, they pay the wages.
  • Take responsibility to make sure that our suppliers provide us with their goods according to agreed service levels.
  • Can own our stock ordering & management processes to make sure we don’t run out of stuff, but also make sure that we don’t have too much of it so that it goes to waste.
  • Plan stock levels according to the various promotions and seasonal campaigns that we are going to be running.
  • Can handle stressful situations with a smile.
  • Have good language skills, you will need to be fluent in Hungarian, pretty fluent in English (B2/C1) and if you can speak Slovak or Czech then that would be handy.

We offer

  • You will be part of start-up of an e-commerce project in Hungary, which is already the most successful one in the Czech Republic.
  • We will implement your good ideas immediately.
  • Your work will have a direct impact on our business results.
  • You can start right away, but we surely wait for the right one.
  • Last but not least, we offer a fair reward and the possibility of professional growth and education.

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