International Markets Project Manager

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The International team is responsible for the assessment of new opportunities outside of the Czech Republic, as well as for their actual realization. That means, we support analytically the Rohlik’s board to make the decision to enter new market and then we go and build a whole new company there from scratch. That means setting up a large warehouse, a fleet of delivery vans, a team of business people (commercial, marketing, finance, HR, call center), transferring our in house IT system and bringing over the unique Rohlik culture of doing world-class business.
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The scope is very broad and can be greatly adjusted based on one’s specific skills or preference as it is handled by more people. The overall work done consists of:
  • Analytical tasks:
  • New markets assessment - competition, price level, shopping patterns
  • Financial modeling and budgeting
  • Business analytics - eg what is the right size of a warehouse, where should it be located to have the best balance between warehouse costs and delivery costs
  • Legal issues :
  • Set up a new entity, get it registered everywhere, pay taxes
  • Get accounting running, get licenses and approvals for the business we do
  • Set up the “operations” - warehouse+logistics
  • Designing the whole environment, negotiating and contracting with suppliers
  • Ensuring everything is delivered by suppliers on time and that it works as it should
  • IT implementation and ensuring that relevant target country employees are trained to use it
  • Supporting local country manager and bringing over the Rohlik culture
  • We have to ensure, the local team is as agile as Rohlik and has the same passion and drive to succeed

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We need you if you have:
  • Ability to get things done. You have to be smart, bold, persistent and pushy to succeed
  • Structured analytical thinking, passion for data
  • High level of independence and ownership
  • Extremely good common sense and ability to operate in unknown environments
  • Capability to tackle very diverse problems, sometimes high-level strategic, sometimes tiny operational, sometimes pure analytics, sometimes soft sense what will customers prefer…
  • Passion for traveling - despite all the technology we use, many things can only be done well physically. That means on average 2-3 days in the target country. Sometimes we fly there and back just for a day, sometimes it is necessary to stay for longer when we are eg launching the business. There is a lot of flexibility to plan the trips that it suits everybody though
  • Stress resistance - setting up a new company is tough, when it has physical operations, it is abroad and you want it fast and efficient, it gets even tougher. But also very rewarding

Na oplátku ti nabízíme

If you join us:
  • You will be part of the company that changes rules of ecommerce business
  • Your work will have a direct impact on our business results
  • We will implement your good ideas immediately
  • Last but not least, we offer a fair reward and the possibility of professional growth and education

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