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Business Process Manager is going to become a master of Rohlik knowledge of how to operate our systems. Main objective is to develop and maintain a proper, user-friendly and consistent documentation available for the whole Rohlik Group. This is a unique opportunity to learn how a great company works and help it to further grow internationally.
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One of the crucial foundations of our success is our in-house IT system and the ability to make the best use of its features. As we grow, both in CZ and abroad, we need to further increase the speed and professionalism of the way we train our employees to work with the systems. Be it graphics designer, category manager, dispatcher, or a courier.

To achieve this we document the system and create user manuals (videos, texts, flowcharts…). These make the training of new employees efficient and consistent. Proper documentation is also needed when launching new features, which happens nearly on a daily basis.

What can you expect?
  • You will get the opportunity to look under the bonnet of one of the most interesting and IT advanced companies in CZ
  • Get a detailed understanding of all the positions which we have here
  • Further develop the structure and process for the system documentation
  • Coordinate a team of over 20 “Expert Users” who themselves have been doing the documentation. It is not your role to document the processes, but you have to ensure it gets done and with high standards. (eg one of our dispatchers has been chosen as an Expert *User and he has documented the whole part of the system related to the role of a dispatcher. But the efforts of such 20 colleagues have to be coordinated and continuously improved as well as the transmission of the knowledge to our 4 countries.)
  • Take part in the design and implementation of new IT features, so you will closely cooperate with our team of IT Analysts

We like people who

  • Ability to get the shit done. You have to be smart, bold, persistent, pushy, and good with people to succeed
  • Experience with system or process documentation / training materials / training organisation
  • Experience with leading projects and people
  • Preferably a technical / economics / natural sciences / law university degree
  • Super-fast learner and high curiosity
  • Sense of detail and wide context thinking at the same time
  • Ability to simply explain complex concepts
  • High level of independence and ownership
  • Extremely good common sense and ability to operate in unknown environments
  • Passion for traveling - despite all the technology we use, many things can only be done well on site. That means on average 1-2 days a week in AT/DE/HU. Sometimes we fly/drive there and back just for a day, sometimes it is practical to stay for a few days. There is a lot of flexibility to plan the trips so that it suits everybody though.
  • Passion for operations (Warehouse and Logistics) - Rohlik success is built on the understanding of customers and strong IT and operations. Warehouse + Logistics is where the magic physically happens. If you never wanna get your hands dirty and never leave a cozy office, this job is not for you. You have to be ready and happy to spend on average 1 day a week in the true battlefield, where the heavy lifting is done.
  • Stress resistance - launching a new company is tough, when it has physical operations, it is abroad and you want it fast and efficient, it gets even tougher. The pace of development of the “old” markets is equally fast. What we do is intense, but also very rewarding.
  • Very good Czech and English. German is a major plus.

We offer

  • Get the opportunity to look under the bonnet of one of the most interesting and IT advanced companies in CZ
  • Unique opportunity to learn in detail how to build, run and expand a company across Europe
  • Dynamic international environment
  • Your work will have a direct impact on the company's results
We will implement your good ideas almost immediately – not waiting for the approval of the headquarters somewhere in the world
  • Your work has to be innovative and meaningful, we do not want to follow trends, but set them
  • We offer fair reward and unlimited possibility of professional growth and education, also a great bunch of people around

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